MOWI is a management tool that interacts between customers and overland carriers. Its purpose is to facilitate to the users this interrelation between customers and companies for the management of ground transportation with driver.

Individuals who use MOWI's application and/or website to request Ground Transportation Services.

What services does MOWI provide?
It is a specialized means to facilitate the procurement and provision of Ground Transportation Services with Driver in vehicles legally authorized for this activity. MOWI manages the contact between clients and service providers. All services can be requested through the MOWI application that can be downloaded on a mobile device (Smartphone) and/or from the website MOWI acts as an intelligent and innovative solution for companies and/or the general public to coordinate the request and provision of Ground Transportation Services with Driver.

For the registration of any user it is required to provide accurate and truthful information with which a personal and non-transferable account with a password will be created. The use of this account is the responsibility of the person registering.

For the registration of the Users:
The information requested by MOWI from users refers to personal data, cell phone number, email account, location, payment preferences. MOWI does not request this information outside of the application and/or website.

Accurate and complete information specifications of: Companies, Vehicle owners:

Being a licensed vehicle owner; fleet company or independent driver, to register with MOWI (the app and website), they are required to provide complete information of their legal and business name, current permits, payment and collection information about finance lines.

Specification of accurate and complete information of the Drivers:

Personal data: name, address, telephone number, health card, current driver's license data, identity card number. Language skills. "Specialties" Company to which he/she belongs, vehicle he/she drives.

MOWI may terminate the user's account at any time, either due to complaints or internal policies.

MOWI is not liable for any damages resulting from the loss or misuse of the password by third parties. The user is solely responsible for it.

Limitations of liability:
a) MOWI does not provide transportation services directly, the service it provides is only to be an intermediary in order to optimize the requirement and provision of Ground Transportation Services with Driver; that is, it is a tool that interacts with customers and companies to manage the services directly with the vehicles, ensuring the corresponding authorizations according to each mode of transport. The user must have the knowledge and accept that MOWI is not responsible for any act committed by any user, whether by theft, discussions and others; however, we will always receive feedback from the evaluation of services for the purpose of continuous improvement.

Obligations of the user
The user certifies that he/she is using the service of his/her own free will and acknowledges and accepts the responsibilities and risks of using the application and/or the website from the moment he/she has registered.

How to use the Service and the Application
The Application will allow you to send a request for transportation service to a Ground Transportation Service Provider with Driver. The GPS receiver - which must be installed on the mobile device (Smartphone) on which you have downloaded the Application - will detect your location and send your location information to the relevant Ride Service Provider. In addition to being able to enter the specifications of the required transportation in terms of number of passengers, schedules, dates, etc. At the moment the Travel Service Provider accepts a request, the Application will notify you and provide you with information regarding the request, including your name and license plate number and the possibility to contact the Travel Service Provider by phone. The Application also allows you to view the Supplier's progress towards the meeting point in real time.

Specific obligations of the owner of a vehicle or fleet registered with MOWI
Including due registration, the owner of a vehicle or fleet registered to Provide Ground Transportation Services with Driver is obliged to: Provide the necessary documents proving the legality of the driving licenses, the condition of the car and any other necessary specific conditions requested by the corresponding private transportation authorities.

Commits to accept and perform in due time and form the services requested upon registration and signature. The drivers assigned to each vehicle must be available for the services requested through MOWI and in availability status in the Application. In case they are not available, they must be "offline" in order to always have a true fleet stock to meet the commitments requested by MOWI users.

Protection and processing of personal data

MOWI undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the data requested in accordance with the law in force on the protection and processing of personal data.

According to the present terms and conditions, you give your express authorization for the processing of your personal data, including the express authorization for the international transfer and transmission of your personal data, within the communicated purposes.

Users and drivers, on the occasion of the use of MOWI platforms may receive personal data necessary or relevant to properly use such platforms, such as the service request address, names, telephone numbers, etc. Under these terms and conditions you agree not to use or process the personal data you receive for purposes other than requesting or providing a Transportation Service through MOWI platforms.

General Terms and Conditions
These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of each country and any dispute arising out of this disclaimer cannot be resolved by the parties, as it will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the given city.

By registering as a driver or as a user in the system and accepting the terms by clicking on the option "I accept the terms of use", the User automatically declares and agrees to comply with these terms and all other policies and rules available in the system.

By using the Application or the Service, you further agree that:

  • Will only use the Service or download the Application solely for your personal use and will not resell it to a third party;

  • Will not authorize others to use your account; nor will you assign your account.

  • Will not use the Service or the Application for any unlawful purpose, including, without limitation, to send or store any illegal material or for fraudulent purposes;

  • Will not impair the proper working of the network;

  • Will not copy or distribute the Application or any content of the Application without MOWI's written permission;

  • Will securely and confidentially store your account password and any identification provided to enable you to access the Application and the Website;

  • Will provide us with any proof of identity that we reasonably request;

  • Will comply with all applicable laws of your country of residence and of the country, state or city in which you are located when using the Application or the Web Service.

    MOWI reserves the right to immediately terminate the Service and your use of the Application if you breach any of the above rules.

The use of the Application and the Web Service shall be free of charge. MOWI reserves the right to introduce a fee for the use of the Application or the Web Service. Should MOWI decide to introduce such a fee, MOWI will inform you accordingly and allow you to continue or terminate the Agreement. At any time, users of the application have the option to work specifically with the current company or supplier through the use of the MOWI application or directly register as a MOWI customer so that the management of the application is to refer the requested service to the nearest and most immediate vehicle that meets your requirement.

You will be able to find information on the applicable rates from the Transportation Service Provider on the Website and through the Application. MOWI may change or update them from time to time. It shall be your responsibility to keep yourself informed of the current rates for transportation services.

MoWi uses a third party payment processor. You will start making payments by cash, credit card directly with the service provider or by checking account by prior arrangement with the MOWI Administration in Montevideo.

Payment and/or credit processing, with respect to your use of the Application and the Service, shall be subject to the terms and privacy policies of the Payment Processor and your credit card issuer in addition to these User Terms. MOWI shall not be liable for any errors by the Payment Processor. In connection with your use of the Services, MOWI will obtain certain transaction data, which it will use only in accordance with its Privacy and Cookie Notice.

MOWI reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or replace any of these User Terms, or to change, suspend or discontinue the Application or Website Service (including, without limitation, the availability of any feature, database or content) at any time by posting a notice on the Website or sending a notice through the Application or via email.

Protection of Personal Data
Through the mobile application "Mowi Conductor", the following personal data will be collected:

  • Names

  • Surname

  • Phone

  • E-mail address

  • Permission to your camera or gallery IMPORTANT: Only in case the user wants to update his/her profile picture.

  • Location permissions IMPORTANT: The user's location permissions are collected at all times as long as he/she is available for operators to assign trips depending on his/her location.

Location data
At Mowi conductor we collect this data(location) from users' mobile devices if they allow it. This data is obtained from the moment they log in and is made available (and is indicated by an icon or notification on their mobile device depending on their device's operating system).

If a user does not allow location data to be collected, they will not be able to receive trips or successfully complete trips as it is necessary to determine the user's location in order to calculate the distance traveled and the fee to be charged among others.

Mowi driver can display the location on screen reflected on a map or text with an approximate accuracy to that obtained by your device to visually indicate to operators where it is currently located. SIMPLIFIED PRIVACY NOTICE Mobile application "Mowi driver".

¿Para qué utilizarán mis datos personales?
The personal data we collect will be used for the following purposes that are necessary for the service you request:

  • User's location that allows us to determine the exact location in real time, in order to assign him/her to trips that are in his/her vicinity.

  • If the user does not agree to share their geolocation information and system permissions with the mobile application "Mowi driver", consider that it will not be possible for our services to be provided correctly.

  • The closest user to a new generated trip will receive the alert and if he/she accepts, he/she will be able to visualize the route to reach the destination. On the other hand, the citizen will receive an estimated time of arrival of the driver and the total trip.

Terms and Conditions


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